Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Healing Art Inspired by the Natural Beauty of South Carolina

November Reflections, Goodale State Park, South Carolina
Teri Leigh Teed Fine Art Photography

A wonderful article about me by Renee Phillips, director of Manhattan Arts International, has appeared on its blog.  In the article “Teri Leigh Teed's Photographs Capture Her Reverence for Nature", she has written:

"Through her photographic images Teed brings viewers to positive, contemplative and calming places that transcend the physical realm.

Her art is life-affirming and reveals the presence of a divine power greater than us can be felt in a powerful visceral manner.

She has written, “Sometimes the seemingly ordinary, seen in detail or in a different light, can open us to the possibilities that surround us. We need only open our hearts and minds, and our eyes will find them.”

Please read the article at

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Time of Miracles

Spirit Clouds at Sunset, Camden SC by Teri Leigh Teed

Time has flown so swiftly this year! It seems like just yesterday this year was just beginning, and now here we are at the midpoint, celebrating the Fourth of July.

Changes are upon us and our world. And since we each create our own realities, we are free to create the ones we really wish to live. 

Clouds and landscapes always captivate me. They change their shapes and their directions constantly. And the light from sunsets and sunrises can illuminate them in the most subtle and also the most profound ways.  The ways of Nature are always miraculous to me.

I do believe we live in a time of miracles. Following the seasons in Nature always reminds me of this, and brings me great joy.

Evening Song, Camden SC by Teri Leigh Teed