Friday, April 18, 2014

Seasons of the South

Pink Azaleas Awakening

"Every dream begins with a thought. And since thoughts are things, they sprout wings when they are focused upon. Love is the current which carries these dreams that fly with wings of hope and faith and carry these thoughts into the hearts of others.” ~ Teri Leigh Teed

Azaleas are awakening in Camden, SC. Spring has definitely arrived in the South!

About a year ago my dear friend Phyllis David invited me to read some of my poetry and stories and sing one of my songs at a Lenten dinner service at her local church. Phyllis is part of We Three, a vocal group of three lovely ladies who have been performing together for almost 17 years.  

Along with the trio’s Director Julia Halford (vocals/piano) and Linda Higgins (vocals/percussion), Phyllis (vocals/guitar) and this inspirational group bring their classical training and easy listening songs to venues from restaurants to churches and nursing homes, and spreading love and light everywhere they go.

And so “Seasons of the South” the show was born.

We Three and Teri Leigh Teed
LtoR: Phyllis David, Linda Higgins,
Teri Leigh Teed. Seated: Julia Halford
During last summer, I had the opportunity to play the mandolin I had purchased as a gift to myself for Christmas 2012, and sing several songs I had written along with some kind hearted and patient local musicians at a local coffee shoppe and tea room in downtown Camden. I took the self-taught path to learning the mandolin and it is a fun, ongoing process. Having enjoyed listening to bluegrass and folk music since childhood, the urge to purchase a mandolin and learn to play at the age of 55 is still somewhat of a mystery that I simply chalk up to Divine Inspiration. Wanting to be able to perform one’s own songs is a natural thing I guess.

Teri Leigh Teed
In August of last year, We Three and I performed “Seasons of the South” at Palmetto Coffee Shoppe and Tea Room in Camden SC to a packed house to raise monies for Food for the Soul, our local homeless shelter. The Executive Director of this shelter, Fred Ogburn, is also a musician and now he and the band he performs with, East of West, is part of the “Seasons” cast.

East of West (LtoR: Dan Rhodus, Jim Thomas, Luke Williams
Now, just two days after Easter Sunday this year on Earth Day, “Seasons of the South” is being performed at the Fine Arts Center in Camden, SC, with a much expanded cast including local musicians Chandra Richardson (vocals), Helen Walker (flute), Doby’s Mill Elementary Choraliers, East of West (Fred Ogburn (percussion), Luke Williams (guitar/bass), Dan Rhodus (guitar), Jim Thomas (dobro)), Patty Tolbert (violin) and Buddy Harre (vocals/drums), with a special appearance by Keith Cross, a gifted singer/songwriter from California who is singing his original song, “Home Grown”, about growing your own vegetables and fruit. And our local talented musicians are backing him up. The reception before the performance features more local musicians, FairJam (Scott Jordan (guitar), Bobby Joseph (caiphon), and Paul Hayes (mandolin/harmonica), and Frederick Ingram (guitar). Our emcee is Pastor Thomas Bell, who so graciously gave us a spot on his weekly radio show this Easter Sunday morning at 9:00 am on Kool 102.7.

Chandra Richardson
Patty Tolbert

Keith Cross
Dedicated to raising awareness for sustainable agriculture, “Seasons of the South” is attracting interest throughout our community, state and region. 

Like a beautiful butterfly, “Seasons of the South”, the original Home Grown musical and storytelling show, has metamorphed and is now ready to be taken to other opera houses and auditoriums.

Seasons of the South Cast
LtoR: Frederick Ingram, Jim Thomas, Dan Rhodus, Luke Williams,
Linda Higgins, Phyllis David, Chandra Richardson, Teri Leigh Teed
Patty Tolbert. Seated: Julia Richardson

Spanning the lyrical genres of the South, “Seasons” is a performance filled with inspiring stories, poetry and songs celebrating the natural beauty of the South. As an artist, it is so heartwarming to see this show take flight and share in the joy of fellow artists and musicians who through their craft bring happiness to others.

The April 22nd performance of “Seasons of the South” is at the Fine Arts Center of Kershaw County, 810 Lyttleton Street, in downtown, historic Camden, SC. The reception with live acoustic music starts at 6:00 pm, with the one hour performance in the Wood Auditorium at 7:00 pm. For tickets, please visit or call 803.425.7676. Come out and celebrate the Seasons of the South and put a little love in your heart!

"Seasons of the South" - Earth Day Performance
Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - Reception 6:00pm, Performance 7:00pm
Fine Arts Center, Camden SC - Wood Auditorium

 *With gratitude to Geri DeSousa for her friendship and for taking our cast photographs at Hampton Park in downtown Camden SC.